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Personalized 3 1/2" Wooden 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife.

Personalized 3 1/2" Wooden 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife.

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Product Details
Length 3 1/2"
Thickness 5/8
Overall Size 3 1/2"(L) x 5/8" thick
Maximum Personalization Area 3 1/2"(L) x 1/2"(H)
Color Brown


Misc. Notes
Packed in clear plastic bag in white box. Jump ring included, does not include key ring. Scissors: 2 3/8"(L), 3/4" blade File: 1 3/8"(L) Knife: 2 1/2"(L), 2 1/8" blade Philips head screwdriver: 1 3/8"(L) Corkscrew: 1 1/4"(L) Combination bottle opener/flat head screwdriver: 1"(L) Can opener: 1"(L) Tools are stainless steel


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