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Custom Engraved 3-Piece BBQ Set

Custom Engraved 3-Piece BBQ Set

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BBQ Sets are a great gift for the grill guru in your life! They come with tools in a beautiful box. They are easily customizable by laser engraving.


Product Details
Length 20"
Height 2 1/4"
Width 9 5/8"
Overall Size 20"(L) x 9 5/8"(W) x 2 1/4"(H)
Color Pine
Lasered Color wood, can color fill
Material Box is pine, lid is maple veneer
Misc. Notes
Includes 1 each stainless-steel spatula, tongs & fork with solid oak handles. The top slides off to open. The box and lid are approximately 3/16" thick. Sides are 3/8" thick. Utensils are displayed in a charcoal-colored foam. Lids measures approximately 19 9/16"(L) x 9 1/8"(W) x 3/16" thick. Width of spatula at widest point is 1 1/2". Width of tongs at widest point is 1 1/4". Width of fork at widest point is 1 1/4". 


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